Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's almost like I disappeared off the Earth! Here, eat this!
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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Special! Special! Read All About it! Nutt Da Kidd The New Orleans Legend, and Partners 'N' Crime in Baton Rouge!

Aight, so I went to Baton Rouge Wednesday night with my boy Ben to see Partners 'N' Crime with DJ Jubilee. But really what I want to get into right now is this!

I was walking to the record strore on Canal St. with my Hip Hop For Hope buddies and as we turned the corner guess who walked by? Nutt Da Kidd from Sqad Up! I was pretty much in disbelief but I had to holler "Nutt!" and speak to one of my favorite rappers. Of course I didn't really know what to say, so I told him about HIp Hop For Hope. He said that he was interested in doing it so quickly that I wasn't sure if he was serious, but I got his number and kept it movin.

Its's not uncommon to meet people who are in the rapping business that don't seem to take things to seriously. Tell them you want them to come in to the radio station for an interview and they never call you back. Which is really odd to me because it's not like they are busy and second, they are in the business selling their music. This wasn't the case with Nutt though. He answered every phone call and was just really easy to work with. A really open guy. It seems like most people keep me at arms length, but he was just really easy to work with.

Like I said I was trying to get him for Hip Hop For Hope , so I wanted to meet with him sometime to just discuss everything. We finally met up at Gene's Po Boys on the corner of St. Claude & Elysian Fields Ave. Now this doesn't sound crazy, but for me, this has been one of my favorite rappers, and coming from Michigan I would have never thought that I could just open up my cell phone, call up Peanut, and ask him what he wanted to eat at Gene's. This is turning into a long story but it is just that.

He sat down and I introduced myself again as we waited for our hot sausage po boys. I told him a little about where I was from and how big of a fan I was of him and the Sqad, and imeadiately we started talking about everything! Everytime I would listen to Sqad Up I would think of things that I would like to ask them, but I never really imagined it would be this easy! Especially when asking about Lil Wayne and the rest of the group, since Wayne & the Sqad had a pretty bitter break up, and the Sqad seems to be in a state of flux. It was like the perfect interview should, just a conversation between two people. I asked question and he volunteered info. I guess I should have recorded it but I had met him solely with the purpose of discussing Hip Hop For Hope so I didn't prepare to have an awesome time. By the time we fnished talking, Gene's had filled up with people waiting for food at like 9:30pm.

With some members of Rida Gang
Those are Nines for the Ninth Ward. Rida Gang Reallionaire!

We headed outside, but I had no plans of finishing our conversation. by that time we had covered everything from why Sqad Up and Lil Wayne broke up, to why Lil Wayne is, essentialy a wack ass person. I mean if you know anything about southern rap you know that Lil Wayne is good rapper, but you have to know that he is not really a "gangster" and is not a "real" dude which is why he is not accepted in hoods accross the city. If you were a fan of Lil Wayne like I was, and you followed him from the Hot Boys, to Sqad Up, to now, you can sort of piece together the details of his life and see what kind of person he is. This could turn into a rant by me, but there are so many instances that Nutt and I talked about where you would think "what is wrong with this guy [Wayne]?!". Like how jealous and little he is. For instance Nutt would tell me, "Like if you were at a concert, and Gudda was spittin and everybody was sayin his lines, Wayne would get upset. Like we would get on the bus and Wayne would be like, "Who the fuck is you?! Oh you think you hot!?"".

Excuse the language, I guess, but basicly Wayne is just a shitty ass person. Some people would say a Bitch. I mean for his birthday, he cried because Sqad Up didn't get him a present. He puts rappers from the 17th ward like P Town Moe on his tracks to try to gain credability. He put Curren$y and Mack Maine on his label after Sqad left to try to make them feel bad. Like he had just gotten dumped by a girl, and when Curren$y and Maine came around before he would play with them like they weren't good enough to be running with him. He says everything is business, about money, etc. but it is obvious that everything is personal to him and just like his "daddy" if you try to out shine him, or if you want to do your own thing, or if a girl talks to you and not him then there is going to be a fuss.
This isn't what Nutt told me verbatum, but it is pretty much what he told me and what is generally what is accepted as the truth. Of course he is a great rapper, and I would have some questions for him as well, but as far as havin respect for him as a man, I doubt it. Don't call me up if I post a pic with me shaking his hand or if I put his music on my page, because this blog is about New Orleans music. Peace.
Teeke and Nutt's brother Carl
My man Mike Paper Chaser and Nutt's brother
It says Rida Gang of course!
We had come from Gene's up the street a ways to where his people were chilling at a trap house to see how they were living. So we hung out there for a while, took a smoke break and kept talking.
Soon after this he spit a lil freestyle for me, which is pretty amazing. Check below for the freestyle and other songs off of his mixtapes.

***MUSIC*** Nutt Da Kidd: "Myself" from the Legacy Mixtape
***MUSIC***Nutt Da Kidd: "Rida Gang, Rida Gang" from Rida Gang Vol. 1

***MUSIC*** Nutt Da kidd Feat. Raw Dizzy: "Tough Love"
***MUSIC***Nutt Da Kidd: "Gangstas" from the Legacy Mixtape
***MUSIC***And a throwback Sqad Up Joint Nutt Da Kidd:"I'm Already G'd Up"

Youtube video for "Hittin Hustles"

Friday, October 5, 2007

Devin The Dude. Coughee Brotherz. Del The Funkee Homosapien. Me and The Peoples Republic Of New Orleans gettin throwed!

I am not even going to acknowledge that I haven't posted for a while, and Im just gonna jusmp straight into it.

Facebook is an awesome tool for college students, and so is , which is why I use them both frequently. HoustonSoReal posted a thing about the Dude & Coughee Brotherz U.S.A. tour, and when I saw that it was coming through N.O. and stopping at Tipitina's I marked my calender. Then I made a Facebook event. Then through Facebook I saw that Mannie Fresh, Rebirth Brass Band, Anthony Anderson, and others were going to be at Howlin' Wolf the same night. So looong story short, I made it to both, but unfortunetly I missed everything after Del did his set. Sorry, maybe I will make it out to Baton Rouge tomorrow, or Ann Arbor MI the 28th.
This is how I got to Tipitina's
My boys Lazy Ass, Lang Lang, and Swamp Ass

As always I was a little late but we got there in time to see Bukue 1 do his set.
The crowd was getting hype for him, but for some reason he kept saying negative things like, "I'll be done soon, so ya'll should be happy" or, "If want to see Devin thats cool but don't disrespect us". I thought he was getting mad love.

Rob Quest and Pee Wee. Shout out to Pee Wee and Ivory and of course Matt Sonzala.
I take the best photos eh? I am going to hit them up in Michigan and take a better one I think.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Song From Gudda Gudda of Sqad Up, " Imma Break The Game Down " !!

****UPDATE****Check back for the Jay Gudda Interview on Friday!!! A Johnny Bapo exclusive!!

I just got wind of this new solo track by Jay Gudda, and I'm really glad to see it. Sqad up was once one of my favorite groups long before I had ever came to New Orleans, but they haven't put out much work since Katrina...atleast not that I have heard. I hear through the grape vine, from the groups seperate Myspace accounts, that they aren't doing as much work together. I hope they don't have any problems but none the less its good to hear some new music from one memeber. So here it is...

****New Music**** Gudda Gudda- "Imma Break Tha Game Down"
gudda gudda

Yo Yo Yo, hold on! Wait a second!! Chech this shit out. I just found something I have been wanting to here for a looong time. Lil Wayne's song "Tha Heat" from the original Carter CD, but with one differance....Gudda Gudda on tha track! I don't know if this is old new, but it's sure new to me. If ya'll don't know, Gudda Gudda is part of Sqad Up, the group that Lil Wayne once claimed to be in for life. Lil Wayne had put Gudda Gudda, Nutt Da Kidd, T Streets, and Raw Dizzy, on the Carter(Im guessing all of them) and then re-did most of the album when the group left due to contract disagreement. I knew that was Gudda's line, "Tha heater burnin bruises on my hip this year!"

****New/Old Carter I Song Ft. Gudda, "The Heat"

It looks like Lil Wayne and his DJ, Raj Smooth, put this out on the net, since every one of the "Carter Files", as they are titled on Limewire, have their names on them. There is a song with his former girl Nivea, pretty good, and a song with Raw Dizzy also pretty good, and a Hott Hott beat on the song "Hoes Sing" with his self proclaimed brother Yung Yeezy aka Yung Yo. It sounds like it would have been a somewhat differant album, with some tighter beats for sure, if they had kept it together. Damn, what would the world be like if it was Sqad Up and Wayne on the cover of XXL instead of Baby and his son....

You true Wayne/Sqad fans need to download this stuff ASAP. I bout to put Tha Real Carter together, the way it would have been!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Soul Rebels Interview and concert the next day.

Soul Rebels came down to the studio as I said, on the 27th. I was glad to just get someone in the studio to talk to period, but these guys have some history. We talked about their upcoming show and all the new stuff, but I started asking how they were able to keep everything together and sounding good while doing shows every other day almost. New Olreans has quite a few good marching bands, and apparently they have a bit of there musical roots in college marching bands. The discipline and dedication they learned from being in a structured school band carried over into their professional lives, to a point where they almst didn't see the amount of work they were putting in as dedication. They just saw it as, "What you do". I can't front and say that I know their history, but it is obvious to see that they deserve what they are getting and it is nice to see a group of guys defying what the majority of america would see as the norm. Ima stop there