Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Lil Somthin somthin

Here is a lil sample of my recent work. To start are the John Dresser Edition Lucky Adidas. Sort of a long name but long short, the picture is of professional paintballer John Dresser.

Pair of Timberlands with New Orleans rapper B.G. on them. This side is from his second CD Chopper City.

Pair of Timberlands inspired by a concert poster and my lifelong love of cigarettes....eventhough i dont smoke.

I guess they arent really recent because they were my first ever customs. but here they are.
Pair of Reeboks. I purchased these from a Reebok outlet but i have no idea what kind they are....needless to say they arent very popular. Originally they were Navy/ Yellow/ Silver. Now they are Navy/White/Pearl Blue

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