Saturday, February 3, 2007

New Orleans 2 D.C.

So this Christmas I decided, heck why not take the train home to Michigan! Then I decided, heck why dont i stop over in Washington D.C. ! I mean what could be bad about a 25 hour train ride through the backwoods of America? Needless to say I cut my finger shaving, almost missed my taxy, overdrew my bank account, had to sleep sitting in my damn seat with lights in my eyes.....ugh man 25 hours is a long time to stay on a train, especially when prime occupants are the elderly an children. Anyway we start here at the train station...

And I noticed this mural on the wall of the Train/Bus station in downtown N.O. Happens to be the same scene you can see in the movie "Shooting Gallery"....i wouldnt recommend it tho.
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A friendly guide to help me escape from a fiery derailment!

Next is the New Orleans Arena. home to the Hornets...if they dont saty in oklahoma

And as we start makin it out of the station...the beautiful field of graves. If you dont know above ground graves are a new orleans thang an they are scattered all around the city.

Somehow we got up to lake Ponchatrane and the land side looked like it was straight from another era. canals and old buildings

Then we arrived in a Birmingham and I stepped off the train to take a stretch.

When I stepped off I met Tyree. One of only two friends I made the whole time. Dude was sweet we talked and I found out he was really digging the skull shirt I had on so I told him "whats your address, i'll mail you one". What a baller I am indeed, but in turn he hooked me up with some much needed train food. If it werent for him I probably would have starved...or maybe just spent my lifes savings on cinnamon buns.

The hookup.

We stopped in Atlanta and picked up some ATLiens, fortunetly this dude mark was pretty chill and we chatted about our differant lives.

Later we stopped again....smoke brake this time, ahhhh.

And just accross the way...some more art.

Must be a good omen eh. would explain the blood flowing down the walls.

Next morning. Probably have slept an hour total. But when i went for breakfast there was this sweet building! Apparently its a Mason building....about an hour away from D.C. because we all know they run the government.


hjdefoe said...

Dang, Noah! You are a good photographer, and a good travel writer. I like the graffiti shots. Your fingernails are SO beautiful in the shot of you holding the "fiery crash" escape brochure. And you're mighty good looking in the hooded bape picture!

Debra said...

Hey! Who is that glamorous silver-haired beauty? Me!! You put me on your website! Terribly honored mi gran amigo, mi gran artista. -- Debra

Paper-paper said...

I dig those shots of the art on the trains. its funny to me how the diss on MRED fills in nicely with the letters. It almost looks like its supposed to be like that.