Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mr. Mem Shannon came to party!

This Friday my dad took me down on Tchoupatolis to a place called Tipitinas. Pretty well know venue for blues/rock/jazz/funk etc. I had read in the Gambit that a guy named Mem Shannon and his band The Membership was having a concert as well as live recording, low and behold Dad had won some tickets on WWOZ so he took me and we be VIP. Ha , so long short, it was really good music (seems as tho any live music is, down here) but for some reason not many people showed up and stayed. Im not sure why because Tipitina's seems to attract large crowds. Either way Mem was a great guitar player and excellent songwriter. His Sax section blew their hearts out and his drummer was on fire.Of course his keyboardist was the man and his bass player put down a phat beat. Some nice descriptive words for you there...now you piece it together.

Dad With Professor Longhair. Helped put Tip's on the map so his bust is right there as you walk in.

Me sitting out in the middle ground on Tchoup and Napoleon. I think its Napoleon.

Excellent. Yall should check this man out. Buy the live recording and listen for me.

His website is www.memshannon.com
Video of the opening act

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