Friday, June 29, 2007

Word up. I am waiting patiently for my iphone. Oh wait... We are going to sell it afterwards.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Holler at your boy in the lil brother concert. Jammin out to that funky funk of Orgone!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Waaaaa! Who gets crunk like me? I go to the boot and get crunk then get crunk with this dank dj andrew. Baller status is me!

So like I was saying earlier, after meeting those kids on Bourbon, I went to an orientation the next day at about one o'clock and made some friends and got learned some things about Tulane. After all that we went to the Reilly center for Casino night and gradually made our way to the Boot where there was nobody. But of course once Brian, Matt, Cameron, and I got there, then everyone showed up. Pretty much the best night I've had for a long time, much dancing and hot girls, and fat assed girls, and all that stuff that comes with college. Ah dont we all know.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This dude wants to thumb wrestle?! Oh no. I do not do that! I strictly beat the asses of in arm wrestling. Please and thank you.

This was at Ms. Mae's, cheapest drinks in town, and this kid in the orange works with my old roomate's brother. His arms are just very large to say the least and he just loved to arm wrestle. These couple guys just could not get enough of getting smoked by him because he would just toy with them for like 15 seconds and then crush them like nothing. And this one guy was talking about all this " I hit brick walls for fun, and punch glass windows for fun because it hurts less everytime you do it." And thats that.
Cool. So im drunk. So lets arm wrestle everyone. Im serious like everyone. Come on.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Waaaaa! Im on bourbon!

Aight so I look on facebook and see a group called "Tulane Pre-Orientation Party". So I join and find out what this is because I haven't heard anything about orientation. Anyway probably the best decision of this year. Even though I don't really like Bourbon, I met some people, got some crunk in my system, and ended the night at ms. mae's with my former roomates who I ran into.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Your boy interviews New Orleans own, P Town Moe!!

Aight, well a week ago I interviewed P Town Moe over here at Tulane and for my first time meeting him, it went pretty well. For those of you who dont know, I moved here from Michigan. And what I knew about New Orleans rappers was whatever I could find on the net, magazines, and in their music. I was able to piece things together pretty well, but lets just say my encounters with rappers were very limited. I live Uptown, in New Orleans, and I frequent the barber shop up on Carrolton. One time I was in there real late and P Town came in and my Barber pointed him out to me. Eventhough I didnt know to much of his work, coming from Jackson, MI it was somewhat of a shock to see someone I only knew from music. And every couple days I would see him ride down the street so one day I realized, " What am I doing? The same people that I have looked up to and listened to, are right here in this city and accessible to me, if I just get out there. I have always enjoyed learning things about people and asking questions so hopefully I asked some good one in this interview. Any way this story is in no way impressive but it is the truth. Enjoy!

P Town Moe is a local New Orleans rapper who resides in the Uptown, 17th Ward, Pigeon Town area. He can be heard on the "Slow Motion" remix with fellow New Orleanian B.G. He also has a song with Rick Ross called " Street Money", which also happens to be the name of his record label. P Town, Free Way, Hell Rell, Raw Dizzy, Ms. Tee, Snyper, and a few others were at a concert last wednesday at the Venue which I attended and got severely crunk at, so I will be uploading pics of that in a few.

JohnnyBapo: Where did you get the name P Town Moe?
P Town: My nickname is Moe, Pigeon Town is my neighborhood.

JB: So Pigeon Town is one of the neighborhoods in New Orleans. I hear a lot of different names , P Town, Hollygrove, Gert Town, why are the neighborhoods named like that?
PT: I was Just born and it was called that.

JB: So there is Pigeon Town and Hollygrove is right next to that?
PT: Yeah, this part of New Orleans is considered Carrolton, but it's also the 17th ward. There's Pigeon Town, Gert Town, Hollygrove, and Nigga Town. Pigeon Town is the second biggest neighborhood in Carrolton.

JB: New Orleans has a lot of rappers, but also many different neighborhoods. Does everyone get along pretty well and show love, or does hood repping cause drama?
PT: No, it's just representation.

JB: Are there some other local rappers coming from the 17th ward?
PT: Yeah, there's my brother, M.T., Bossman, T-Fool, and a few others.

JB: Aight, well lets take it back. When did you start rapping?
PT: Writing my own raps? Around 1991-92. That was a bad time in my life. Jail time. But I started with the bounce shit. And I started getting more into Hip Hop, but around 2000 I got back into bounce.

JB: Tell Me more about the bounce. That's a sound found only in New Orleans right. How did you get into that?
PT: Like I said, ya heard me, it was like 2000 2001 and like i said, you had my dude Josephine Johnnie, who represented Josephine St. in the 3rd ward. Then they had my dude 5th Ward Weebie, who represented the 5th ward, downtown. Ya know what Im sayin, so I been fuckin with Johnnie since like....since like shit in pampers, ya heard me.
JB: Hahaha
PT: Ya believe that, and me and Weebie been fuckin' round since when I come from jail, in '96 know'm sayin, so it's like "They holdin them down, I'm gon' hold P Town down. Then I did the P Town Moe thing, but it was just sposed to be for a Bounce purpose. Know'm sayin, just to get on the mic, record shit underground, but never put an album out Bounce, which I still haven't did, know'm sayin, but then when people started mistakin me, or taking me for Bounce, I backed away from it. And then When the punks started fuckin with the shit, know'm sayin, all the gay dudes,
JB: What!?
PT: Yes! Believe man!
JB: What are you talkin about?
PT: ( He lists several artists)
JB: So they ruined it for the rest of you?
PT: Yeah, anything that came out after them, you were considered a punk. Thats just how it went, so I just backed all the way from it.
JB: But you decided to keep the P Town name.
PT: Yeah since I had created dance called "Rock The Boat", ya know'm sayin, 5th Ward Weebie had the chance to do that song with Master P, (sings some of the song), so I said "just lace me up through the song and I'm good". So when he done that, my name went to getting more and more noticed like, " P Town Moe, P Town Moe", so i just rolled with it, I wasn't never trippin, so now it's established, know'm sayin, it's copyrighted.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Little boy showing sam how to cross his eyes.

This is a nice line.

Time to in home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Our guide alex.

Venice beach.

Shoe boutique

Hat boutique

Waa some tight new ree's on my feet.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Waaaaa! Who does it like this?!

Word to that!

Damn man everyone is here. Even the damn silver surfer!


Parking garage with escalators?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

In Utah! Arches National Park

Waaaaa! Look at this guy! Were at carls jr. And its going down! The done is gross tho .dont come.

Still in colorado but damn, it looks like the grand canyon. This place is crazy. In between the mountains it seems like no one would build anything. Maybe a gas station or roadside attraction but there are all kinds of new large buildings and even brand new high schools! I obviously dont know but its the freakin desert! And there arent even any houses nearby. What, they all live in caves.

Everything new. Sorry bout the picture quality, there are off my phone to the blog as they are being taken. my camera died so i had to run up to someones condo and charge it at their outside outlet!

We've just stopped in vail. Ski town usa. Huge houses, condoes, golf courses all go the rockies.

This place is beautiful and different. It's sort of weird. The cities are nice, things look better than new orleans in some ways and in some ways it looks like its trapped in the nineties. There are actually cars here older than 2000 which isn't special except in new orleans, i swear, all the cars are brand new. Even in the ghetto. Where are the black people? Thats probably what seems weirdest.

Speeding through the johnson tunnel. Straight through a mountain! And the penske truck is towing me!

Ski runs

White peaks.


We are on our way to l. a. I get to ride in the car on the trailer. We get less than 8 miles to the gallon and 35 is the max speed up the mountains!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Its Goin DOWN!! Johnny Bapo Style with P Town Moe!

Just got done interviewing local New Orleans rapper P Town Moe, and Im pretty happy. For a few hours I wasnt sure if it was gonna happen, but we finally hooked up and brought some hood to the Tulane campus. This should just be the tip of the iceberg. Hopefully we will be able to get him and other New Orleans rappers on the air with me at WTUL in the fall, and keep this blog up and running with new interviews, and maybe I will acheive some HoustonSoReal status. If you like rap, texan rap in particular, check out his blog. otherwise keep it locked on johnny bapo! Here we go!

Haale at the historic Preservation Hall

Went with my father to see Haale, who was great, at Preservation Hall, which is dirty but historic. The place was packed but there was no stage so it was quite cool how personal it was. Haale is the singer, and she was sort of crazy. She had a percussionist who played all kinds of drums and gourds, and a guitarist, plus some elements of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band came out to support on the drums and tuba. holler back.

Dont forget to holler at your girl bijay!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Work in the Hot Sun!

Primero. These photographias are of mi amigos. Solo, ellos are cooletos y coolabras. Anyway
Me Horacio and Tony
"Hey Man! Que Pasa!?"
Oh! He was just peeing on the building .
Shoveling like we like to do. I guess it beats something.
Horacio, yet again acting a fool and being childish. Thats what makes work fun though!

ChaK!! Goes el hombre ! this dude is crazy and hes always tryin to flex on me or coming up with some story about how president bush needs him for a secret mission in a half hour! All this and he cant speak english which makes it hilarious
And this is how we do lunch at the job site. eating beans and tortillas and chicken. An d tastes delicious when you have nothing to eat.