Thursday, June 7, 2007

Waaaa! This is Tha New Post!

This is basically spring cleaning for my camera so Johnybapo is gonna be full of pictures, sometimes random and sometimes with a story. Then once I get all that out the way...Its time for the interviews! Thats what Im tryin for and hopefully I'll make em start happnin this weekend. Enjoy nerds.
Walk up to the club, Dallar on swole, I see a two-tone Benzy, And Im still ballin like a mole! Word any way this is the first pic from Baby "The Birdman"s Birthday Bash at the house of blues.
As you can see this dude is balling as well....or atleast it appears that way. This was the first time that I had ever seen so many chains and medallions and wasnt looking at a rap magazine. It was Mind Botteling!
This is who I rolled with. And despite all of the drained drinks some people weren't getting to crunktastic.
Dude in the foreground was spitting the realness about wayne and baby to me( and some on me)I met him while gettin some food and he told me how he had raised them in the streets and I didnt doubt it.
Aight, you really need to click on this pic to see the details but as they say so often in Hyphy Juice land... They were Makin It Rain. Which If they hadn't done that, it would have been the most boring birthday party ever cuz nothing happened. No rapping no talking, just a huddle of people on stage ( Baby, Wayne, Currency, Dj Raj Smooth, Bystander #1, Bystander #2, etc.) listening to Lil Wayne's Draught 3 tracks.....weird if you ask me. I guess I thought if you are an international superstar the you would go wild for your birthday and rap your ass off. but I did get paid off of five dollar bills so the 30 dollar ticket didnt hurt my pocket so bad.
Dj Raj "Greatest Dj In tha World" Smooth
Sir Edward Crunkington III
Sir McGoldrick
Don't Smoke Kids! And barely ever pull the smoke into your mouth to look cool! It's Deadly!
Theres Wayne, Baby, and Currency's shoe, on stage resting.........
Ryan pulling the "WAAA!" face, asian, and sam
Girl #1
Girl #2
Girl #3 In the green. I think I fell in love with her
Waa To the tenth power. I was all crunk and disappointed at the birthday but she made my night.
"Yo Sam! Let's go Hyphy Dumb, and Ghost Ride the whip! Wa Wa!"

"Hey Noah! I just threw a beer under a moving car! I mean , What!? I would never do that!"

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