Monday, June 11, 2007

Work in the Hot Sun!

Primero. These photographias are of mi amigos. Solo, ellos are cooletos y coolabras. Anyway
Me Horacio and Tony
"Hey Man! Que Pasa!?"
Oh! He was just peeing on the building .
Shoveling like we like to do. I guess it beats something.
Horacio, yet again acting a fool and being childish. Thats what makes work fun though!

ChaK!! Goes el hombre ! this dude is crazy and hes always tryin to flex on me or coming up with some story about how president bush needs him for a secret mission in a half hour! All this and he cant speak english which makes it hilarious
And this is how we do lunch at the job site. eating beans and tortillas and chicken. An d tastes delicious when you have nothing to eat.

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