Monday, July 23, 2007

Tenth Ward Buck

Just had another show at the great, one and only, WTUL Ne Orleans 91.5 and guess who I ran into, comin to DJ was 10th Ward Buck. Another piece in the puzzle of New Orleans music. I never met him before, but I have seen him on Cox 10 before and when he said his name was Buck, I new who he had to be. Sort of weird seeing someone in a totally random place, like the basement, when you have only seen them on the tube. Hopefully we will be able to link up and get some good music on the air. I mean its all good know. Any way, here are some of his recent exploits. If you aren't familiar with Bounce, it really came before new orleans hip hop/rap. It is a New Orleans fixture that you will not find anywhere else, and you might like it or you might not. It sure helps to get the girls dancin tho. Download it and then you to can..."A shake it like a ! Shake it like a! Shake it like a!"

10th Ward Buck: Drop and Give Me 50

If you didn't notice, everyone on this blog almost has a background in Bounce. From P Town Moe, to PNC, to some elements of Raw Dizzy's music, to 10th Ward Buck.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Partners 'N' Crime And The Soul Rebels And Birdfinger At The Howlin' Wolf!!!!

Weed smoke and beers and white girls shakin some ass on stage! Thats how it goed down. I got dropped off down on Bourbon with my Bro. He went to work and I wandered down Canal an found my way to S. Peters and The Howlin' Wolf.

The palms at Harrah's

Finally made it.

I have heard about this place quite a bit but this was my first time there. Soul Rebels Brass Band were up on stage, and lemmi just say, there is something special about bands like this in the south. Back where I am from my friends might look at me funny if I invited them to see a brass band , but down here, they kick it! Makes me wish I hadn't put my trombone down!

It was still early in the night, and they dipseted as soon as they were finished, but I met up with my man Marcus, of The Rebels, outside and he showed me some love and handed me their CD, so hopefully we can get them some air time at WTUL and if you all like some good, live jams, with a lil hip hop mixed in, hit this download up! Hit it up! Hit it up!

Oh yeah, and in a "Step Your Game Up" thought I just had, I put their CD in iTunes and clicked "get CD artwork" and up popped the album cover. Just goes to show you can put out a good, complete product if you want to.

Tha G.T. Boys, whom I just met back stage rollin with tha Partners

Here goes act number two. Local band, Birdfinger. They did some original rock, and some covers like the Ghost Busters theme, but I like the guitar. That guy was sweet Quite an interesting mix of music for the night, but why not. The more I look at what is good in the world, I say why not! You wanna be white and rap, Why Not! You want to have three differant genres of music at one event, why not. Even if you are told that, this doesnt go with that, or whatever, if you do it, do it well, and the rest doesn't matter.

K.C. Uptown Cajun's Finest Bartender
one throwed babe. She knew how to pop, but for some reason it was only skinny white girls onstage and not her.
Two throwed babe
K.C. Keepin it Hyphy
Partners 'N' Crime

Kangol Slim
Misdemeanor or Mr. Meanor

"Talkin bout white girls! White Girls! Everywhere we gooo!"

I just gotta say it, some of these girls (ie two in the blue) were just being goofy. Like ol girl just bouncing her big ol tities til the almost pop out and the other one bending over with some sort of short skirt thing on. Come on now that isn't smart.
So throwed
keepin it soreal with tha fans. If you aren't from New Orleans (which I am not) then you might have to do some research to find out about the beginings of its hip hop/rap/and bounce scene. Some would say that these guys are a Bounce institution, and just by listening to them and the crowd following every phrase you can tell they deserve a little more credit. A lot of people think Cash Money or No Limit when they think new orleans but there is quite a bit more.

So apparently Juvie is in working on his new album as we speak, and did I hear that it might be called "400 Degrees" !? Interesting. I know PNC has been signed to UTP, but it sounds like they might not be with UTP anymore, from what I heard, and their myspace says "Free Agents" at the top. I dont mean to spread rumors but I found that interesting.

Partners 'N' Crime Myspace- www/

****MUSIC: Partners 'N' Crime: N.O. Block Party Feat. DJ Jubilee & Choppa
****MUSIC: Partners 'N' Crime: Talk That Shit Now
G.T. Boys Myspace-

Soul Rebels Myspace-

****MUSIC: Soul Rebels: Let It Roll

Birdfinger Myspace-
These Songs were recorded LIVE, at the above concert, by me! Great Quality!****MUSIC: Birdfinger: "Crazy" Gnarles Barlkey Cover

****MUSIC: Birdfinger: Untitled, But Awesome Guitars!

Friday, July 20, 2007

New Music

As I said earlier, I have some new Raw Dizzy and new P Town Moe music. So here it is.

P Town and M.T. have a New song with Rick Ross called Street Money

Street Money Feat. Rick Ross

I am not sure if these are new or not but, they are a couple of my recent Raw Dizzy favorites.

Raw Dizzy- Keep The Party Goin'

And this one is with fellow 9th Ward representer and one of my favorite rappers, Nutt Da Kidd. If you know anything about Sqad Up and their history and dealings with Lil Wayne then you will know what these guys are talkin about. Definetly an emotional song.

Raw Dizzy Feat. Nutt Da Kidd-Tough Love
So i am a DJ at WTUL now and it is going down! It is the tulane station and they dont play any top fourtys so hopefully we will get some good local rap and bounce on the air. 91.5 baby!

Hahaha so here it is. When you get a Mac you can do whatever you want! This is a song that I recorded, edited,produced and uploaded all on standard mac software. Tizzzight. So as I have been hoping, I will be posting new music from local artists! Keep comin back for the new hottness.

My New Song With Sam On The Intro- Tulane Bird Gang

I have been using facebook quite a bit, as all good college students do, and so here's some graffiti.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I know no body cares especially since he has blown up since the Carter, but damn Wayne looks weird! Is he wearing dreads on his bald head...hmmm maybe he wears a piece. Scandal!

After a couple years of staring at diamonds and more diamonds, it really gets sickening.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Street Money Tour at The Venue

I know I am a little lazy because this happened a few weeks ago, but it was still a good time had by all and personally a great time for me. As mentioned in the P Town Moe post, I was a little drunk but there is no denying Freeway, Hell Rell, Raw Dizzy, Snypa, P Town, Ms. Tee, and Tysen (new to me). They all went on and did their things, and despite the random fight onstage with Tysen and almost the whole crowd, it went down! I first heard of Ms. Tee from B.G.'s Chopper City album, so I was excited to see what she had in store. I know there was someone else there besides the above because Chopper City Boy Snyper was guesting on a song, and I didnt notice his face but when I saw his shirt I realized I had been standing next to him in the crowd. Interesting what the dark hides. But I definetly didnt miss the opportunity to shake Raw Dizzy's hand and K Gates' hand and P Town's and my barber was in the crowd too. If anyone from New Orleans is reading this, I may sound nieve, but I never thought that I would be meeting the people I listened to on my ipod in such close quarters. I have been a fan of Raw D.I. since I first heard him with Wayne and the Sqad, but I know I that there is a lot going on in New Orleans, with him and others, under the radar so I have been trying to find some new music.
Sam and I on the way. Waaaa!

Sam bored because yet again, we showed up an hour late but still managed to be 2 hours early.

It's....P Town Moe, and he was rolling with a lot of persons.

Bounce hoes

Chopper City Boy Snyper

Fight! Two guys jump on stage and start throwing money on the performers. Then all hell breaks loose.

Mr. K Gates, a great rapper and one time "Ultimate Hustler" competitor and owner of Gates Bank on Canal street. Also a fellow beard enthusiast!

Gettin highhh or not.

Fellow Super Dome employee, who I actually ran into today after working at Essence Music Fest.

Me and my personal best friend Raw Dizzy, it does not matter that I just met him.

Hell Rell spitin that hot fire. When I heard he was comin I just had to make it there but I was sort of confused at his performance. He forgot his lines a couple times. Still one of my favorite Dipseter's. I wish Killa Cam was there to do tha "Get Em Daddy" song.

Hell Rell with about 20 people who just appeared on stage, including Da Goonz who I see from Tulane to the Venue and all points in between.

Crunk Time Sam in the house! haha my only compadre. Still one of the funnest nights we've had.

This is one of my favorite photos of the night! P Town lookin through Hell Rell to the camera.

Then Freeway came out after afew minutes of chanting his name, and the crwod was just lovin every song he did like they had just come out.

Went directly from tha concert to the house to pack and then an hour later to the Aeropuerto to catch a flight to denver.....ugggh i am hung overrr.

A couple new favorites are Raw D. I.'s " Keep The Party Goin", which the beat is crazy in my opinion but never the less, I love it. I'm not sure if Raj Smooth (young money DJ/ Producer) produced it, but I wouldnt doubt it.

Next is not really that underground or that new, but "Where I'm From" off of Lil Wayne's Prefix mixtape features P Town Moe and his brother M. T. . Lil Wayne has a lot of material out from mixtapes to albums to features and everyone agrees he is fire, but the reason I liked this one besides the hot beat and Wayne's catchy hook, was P Town and M.T. who I haven't heard much from since the Soulja Slim remix. That could be because I am not thoroughly immersed in the local new orleans scene yet but either way a hot song, plus the hook speaks of "Carrollton", which was where I made my adopted home for a while.

Another Raw Dizzy song. One I just got my hands on, also with Wayne on the hook, "Ridin Wit My Pistol". Now I am really a sucker for delicious production, and this is jsut a perfect example right here. Yet again I haven't figured out the producer but the beat brings it back to some quality "musical" production with multiple layers of varied instruments and an awesome sample of some classical music with violins and the whole nine. You know what I'm sayin, a beat like the one for UGK's "International Players Anthem" is great too but you can tell how much is the sample and how much was added by the producer. And when you hear a track with that lil somethin extra you know it.

Any way next song. Raw Dizzy Featuring Nut Tha Kid from Sqad Up on "Tough Love". It's a song that has what I love lyriclly. A true emotional rap from Nut and Dizzy about their past together and the strains they have gone through with Wayne and coming from the same hood (9th Ward) and just trying to make it. I enjoy lyrics a whole lot more when they are talking about something new and especialy when that something new is something emotional, when you can just hear the raw desire to make it in their voice.

On another artist...this really isn't underground but it's Young Jeezy and B. Geezy on " Hustler" which i hear is off of the "Best thing smokin" mixtape from DJ Smallz. Just thought I'd throw that in there, eventhough I would take any of the above three over this one, I have been curious about what's goin on with Geezy so I try to keep it up to date.

Check out Raw Dizzy at or if you want some music hit up his SoundClick at .