Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Just saw Little Brother at the Parish!

By far, the best show I've seen at the Parish(House of Blues)! They rocked out and sang accapella, and danced around and sweated all over the place. I got there a little late but Lil Brother's live band Orgone was up on stage jammin out with some , I dont know brazilian jam music. People were groovin a little bit but once LB came out people just went wild, and I had to get into the groovin right then and there or risk being on nerd status. Unfortunetly 9th Wonder was some where else, with Dick Chaney in an undisclosed location or something. But you really couldnt tell because Big Pooh and especially Phonte were jammin, and Orgone helped out a lot. As houstonsoreal says, it was thrwoed. I believe they went to houston the next day and did the same thing. So im glad I got to see that, adn for free. Good music.

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