Monday, July 23, 2007

Tenth Ward Buck

Just had another show at the great, one and only, WTUL Ne Orleans 91.5 and guess who I ran into, comin to DJ was 10th Ward Buck. Another piece in the puzzle of New Orleans music. I never met him before, but I have seen him on Cox 10 before and when he said his name was Buck, I new who he had to be. Sort of weird seeing someone in a totally random place, like the basement, when you have only seen them on the tube. Hopefully we will be able to link up and get some good music on the air. I mean its all good know. Any way, here are some of his recent exploits. If you aren't familiar with Bounce, it really came before new orleans hip hop/rap. It is a New Orleans fixture that you will not find anywhere else, and you might like it or you might not. It sure helps to get the girls dancin tho. Download it and then you to can..."A shake it like a ! Shake it like a! Shake it like a!"

10th Ward Buck: Drop and Give Me 50

If you didn't notice, everyone on this blog almost has a background in Bounce. From P Town Moe, to PNC, to some elements of Raw Dizzy's music, to 10th Ward Buck.

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