Friday, August 31, 2007

Soul Rebels Interview and concert the next day.

Soul Rebels came down to the studio as I said, on the 27th. I was glad to just get someone in the studio to talk to period, but these guys have some history. We talked about their upcoming show and all the new stuff, but I started asking how they were able to keep everything together and sounding good while doing shows every other day almost. New Olreans has quite a few good marching bands, and apparently they have a bit of there musical roots in college marching bands. The discipline and dedication they learned from being in a structured school band carried over into their professional lives, to a point where they almst didn't see the amount of work they were putting in as dedication. They just saw it as, "What you do". I can't front and say that I know their history, but it is obvious to see that they deserve what they are getting and it is nice to see a group of guys defying what the majority of america would see as the norm. Ima stop there

Thursday, August 30, 2007

My boy Jon on our transportation for the night.

Rebirth brass band live at the howlin wolf! What a good day!

The saints guy/statue outside the stadium.

Sol the jeweler at the saints game.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Soul Rebels Interview On The 27th!!! Also Jena, LA Injustice!

Thats right the Soul Rebels Brass Band will be doing an interview with my man The Schwartz on WTUL 91.5 New Orleans, at 6:00 pm on Monday the 27th of August! As I said earlier the Soul Rebels will be putting on "An Evening With The Soul Rebels" at Tipitina's on Tchoupatoulus on the 31st. That's the weekend after next people!

In other news, right now I am working with my boy Ben to put together the Second Annual Hip Hop For Hope Concert. Hopefully I can bring some big names from New Orleans to get on and get some sponsors as well.

I just read about this now. In northern Louisiana, in the town of Jena rascism is still quite alive. This is a touchy subject for everyone but even if it had nothing to do with race it still is very important to me and it should be to you! Read this Jena 6 Article By Bill Quigley Here!

I know it was hard enough for ya'll to read what I have to say but definetly take a few minutes out to read that because Kids are being put in jail for decades in our own state, while we think rascism and injustice are a thing of the past. Every generation has to pick up the responsibility of upholding Truth and Justice and Equality and all the other rights that we enjoy that previous generations gave to us so Read it and Sign the Petition For A Full Department Of Justice Investigation!

And if any of you readers would like to talk about doing something to help, i.e. concert to pay for legal fees, petition to Gov. Blanco, etc. hit me up

word to the word word!

I don't want to get you guys to rilled up so here is a sexy pic of me to comfort you.

Get Off The Air!!! ...And New Music From Me!

hahahaha I am in the studio once again with my favorite DJ , Ms. Conduct, and King Louis of Black Rose Band! Karen does a great Progressive show Mondays from 4-6pm, and even though I just met/heard of him King Louis was here and he gave a pretty interesting interview.

He also brang all the music to the show. Apparently he has a cult following down at American Apparel.

This guy sounds like a hardcore punk rocker. Or as he says "I sound like RUN DMC and Lynard Skinard" which could be potentially deadly.
Check his Myspace of course King Louis & Black Rose Band Myspace

He is talking about doing "Louis Fest" close to Mardi Gras time, i.e. bring a bunch of crazy bands down here for a punk/metal/country show. I'll keep ya posted.
Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet!
In other Punk news, this sunday the 26th Punk In The Park is happening at Audubon Park. Free Entry, 9 Bands, 6 DJs, Free Food!! Sounds good to me. I'll try to cover that but who knows with all this school malarky right now.

I know ya'll might not be that into punk but GET OUT OF THE DAMN HOUSE!!! It's the best medicine.

Also if ya'll didn't notice I am linked to Defend New Orleans Website which is pretty tight. They have some pretty cool Defend N.O. merchandise and they give some crazy amount directly to local charities. Also they put on parties, and maybe concerts? Check the site and the Defend New Orleans Myspace

Alsooo!! The best news for ya'll yet! I know you will be glad you read this far, cuz I have some new music that my boy Dang and I made! Holler Holler Skeet Skeet!

***** Noah/Johnny Bapo & Dang "No Hesitation"-Dirty
*****Noah/Johnny Bapo & Dang "No Hesitation"-Clean
Thanks for listening.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Flow Tribe @ Tipitina's As Well As Soul Rebels Brass Band!!

My boy K.C. , is in the local funk/new orleans band Flow Tribe aka "The Nice Band That Eats Souls" and he and his have a big ol' Shindigg goin down at Tipitina's on the 23rd. It's called Homegrown Night.

Should be three other local acts as well as Flow Tribe. He just handed me their CD so after I give it a good listen I'll post one or two for ya. I will definetly be there at the legendary Tip's to chill and document and bring the hot fire to ya'll

And on to the Soul Rebels Show. Their show is coming up 2 days later on the 31st at Tip's as well. I see on Tipitina's page it's called "An Evening With The Soul Rebels", has a nice ring to it eh? Tipitina's Webpage! Click Here I will have more info on this show and the Flow Tribe show, but if any of ya'll need no more convincing and just want to get there check out the google map right here!! Directions To Tipitina's Here!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hip Hop In the Basement One More Time!

It's me and Raj this time. Playing a lot of random vinyl and trying to scratch.

He just called The Game garbage....which I am not sure about. He is doing his hip hop "voice" right now on the air. Gangster. Man I need to figure this radio stuff out and get it poppin. I enjoy listening to radio, but it is somewhat hectic when you are responsible for the music. And most of the music we play is new to me, underground-ish, so I don't really get a chance to listen.

Right now we are mixin some Busta "What It is" with a snoop accapella. Well it worked for a while.
WTUL 91.5 New Orleans baby.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Other Worldly Shite!

So I have been Staying up all night and sleeping all day which mostly sucks. The good thing about it is after a while you start to find cool things on the internet. Now the trick is to do this during the day because I just can't stand staying in my apartment much longer.

Firstly I have decded to share more of the things I come across with yall. One of them is Risurch clothing.Risurch Clothing Which so far, I have bought three of their T-shirts. They aren't totally mind bottling or anything but the simple designs of Hip Hop/Rap artists and other urban american icons are appealing to me. I'll talk more about that for those of you who want to read but here are some pics.

Unfortunetly I am not computer literate enough to get single pics. So instead here is the entire ebay post! Ha, anyway I discovered this guy on ebay, selling all sorts of graffic tees with the like of Michael Jordan, Wu Tang Clan, and even the Hot Boys. I really like Dipset, so that is how he first caught my eye. I am calling Risurch "he" because I assume its a one man operation. Even so he has managed to crank out a gang of designs that I think are just right.

He appeals to me because I want something to wear to show people that I like this group or that movie, but not look like everyone else. Thats the beauty of catching something before it gets big I guess. A lot of people now a days want things that are "exclusive" and so a whole industry has sprung up in NY and LA which I don't really have the vocab or patience to describe well, but basically it just makes me feel shitty. They are selling things that are new that look like they could have come from the bag of clothes I was sending to goodwill, but because of the hype they get bought. Common complaint I am sure, but makes me sick just the same.

This might look crusty in five years, but atleast it will still make sense to rap fans.

This is the Hot Boys Shirt I just got.

And This is Jim Jones, He's breezin' on crome, your best bet is leave him alone!

On another note. I came accross this site called VBS.TV quite some time ago on houstonsoreal's blog when they did this series on Houston. VBS.TV is really a cool site I recommend going there ASAP and watching any and all videos. Definetly not a waste of time. They do videos on things ranging from hitch hiking to Mo Rocca to Screwed Music and Purple Drank to Indy Racing to skateboarding. I would love to make money doing things like that, and maybe I will. If i can't get out of this damn house.I just enjoyed this one particularly. They had one about Bounce Music but I really wasn't feeling it. Nothing against Katey Red, but I dont want to see he/her put on his panty hoes. The video was done by the same guy who does the "Whudafuxup" anti-smoking commercials. the thing is Everyone notices that New Orleans has a sound all its own, which is Bounce, but i don't feel like anyone does it justice. Maybe thats because, in all truthfulness, its not the most creative form of music and is mostly about shakin that ass and ridin a dick. Maybe, but someone still needs to document it better, and maybe it will be me. Word.

Some more artwork from the facebook.

Monday, August 13, 2007

NOLA Councilman Oliver Thomas Guilty!

Now I don't report on the political goings on about NOLA, but I was checking out a few New Orleans blogs and I see that every single one had some mention of this. I have always been concerned with the way things are handled down here, and it seems like bad and corrupt things just keep happening.

Earthlink gives free WiFi to the residents of uptown, but you have to log in to their website every 12 hours. Every time I log in it takes me to this local news page, and every time I read the headlines, someone is killed murdered or attacked. This seems crazy to me and I feel like some of you who aren't from New Orleans might not know these things. Like how many murders we have and how corrupt people still are.

Now back to this Oliver Thomas guy. I have seen him on local TV a few times, and he seems like a good guy. Like a friendly guy.

But I find out that, just today he resigned and pleaded guilty to taking bribes and kickbacks while councilman. Apparently he took $15,000 from Stan Barre, who owns Common Street Ventures, for a contract in the French Quarter. Thomas also asked Barre to hire his personal friend and then pay him one third of the proceeds from that contract. Oliver's friend then gave him $1000 kickbacks four times.

I hope I don't sound like some reporter guy, that is just what I read from the Times Picayune web blog. You can check out the whole story here.
Oliver Thomas Pleads Guilty

I feel like this is only the very tip of the iceberg. Not to down my adopted home, but it just seems to be the truth down here. For instance, some time ago New Orleans' U.S. Representative William Jefferson was caught taking $100,000 in bribes by the FBI. They then raided his home in Washington and his congressional office and found $90,000 of the money in his freezer. But the crazy thing is he has apparently sought gifts or bribes 7 other times and after all of this he was just re-elected!!! All sorts of things happen down here that, in my opinion, go unnoticed by life long residents because that is how things have worked for so long down here. For instance with Jefferson, everyone form the Federal government to Rolling Stone Magazine made outcries about his corruption, but when local Sheriff Harry Lee told his Parish to vote against Karen Carter, Jefferson won anyway. Interesting stuff. To me anyway.

The Jefferson story goes deeper than that and if you care to enlighten yourself, heres is his wikipedia link.

Representative William Jefferson's Wikipedia

According to a Men's News Daily blog I read, Louisiana ranks third in the nation in the number of elected officials per capita convicted of crimes.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

No New Music?!? Sorry...

I haven't been doing much this week, so thats why all the pics of me, and no pics of New Orleans. Or new music. Kangol Slim is supposed to be hooking me up with PNC's new single and P Town is supposed to be getting me a CD but I left my charger in MI so its been hard to communicate. I am about to by some damn Skype credits, and call em over my computer.

It sure is nice having a computer, internet, TV, and an apartment, but damn it makes you lazy if you don't stay on you toes. Graff artist Banksy once said "Get out of the house, before you find a reason to stay in", damn good advice. Tommorow I get to try to get a dorm room, try to get my block lifted so I can register for classes (how many days till school?), try to get a job, try to finish DJ homework. Man I got some shit to do. Oooh yeah, I also have to find somewhere to stay and put all of my boxes before school. Man I hope this year goes well.

I really haven't been using this blog to speak my mind, but I am going to do some more of that. I know Johnny Bapo isn't the best name and so one day I was wondering what name would better define what this blog is. I was thinking of things with phrases like "...of America" or "...Worldwide" and then I realized that I am about more than New Orleans rap, I am about more than whats in America, I am even about more than this world, like Space for instance! I want to put interesting material for people to look at but I don't want to pigeon hole myself. So just expect to see any and everything that is good on my blog. From programs I am using on my computer, to cool clothing, to good music, to something even cooler. And with that, here are some pictures of what the ride from Jackson, MI to New Orleans, LA is like. enjoy nerds!
This is what I drove down!
This is what your face looks like when you have been driving for hours, and hours, and hours.

I like to sing
I hate these stupid sideways pics

Friday, August 10, 2007

In the studio!!

Yeah I am at Tulane University, in the basement of the LBC, doing the "Hip Hop" show at WTUL, with my man Bryan!

As you can see we keep it white and throwed. My man Bryan is a sweet dude though, seeing as I just met him tonight when I came in at 12am to apprentice, but we kicked it, and "rapped" in the old sense of the word. He's from Atlanta but went to school here and stayed in New York for a couple years after that and apparently DJ'd in a booth on the street there. He told me to check out which show what he was doing. A pretty interesting site with pics and show schedules, and I think podcasts. He was playing a lot of east coast hip hop, but also saying we needed to put on some authentic New Orleans jonts, so I pulled out my laptop. Then he pulled out some vinyl of Raj Smooth, Mannie Fresh, P Town Moe, I played some Soulja Slim, Raw Dizzy, Partners 'N' Crime, and all that. We had a really good time talking mostly about rap and New Orleans history. I think it is interesting that outsiders love to get so passionate about New Orleans. Not to say that New Orleanians don't care about their city, but when we see how New Orleans used to have its own Hip Hop/Rap culture here , we get all excited and talk about what we would like to learn more about or document.

He dipped out at 2am and he said no one else was coming in and he was just going to shut the station down. So I just sorta took it over which was pretty cool. I played everything from Diplomats, to E-40, to Trae, Cougphee Boys, Kaz Kyzah, and Frayser Boy. I don't know if anyone liked it because I got no calls but luckily the FCC didn't barge in are cut my hands off, for obscenity. I was worried about that.

Right now I am listening to DJ Don Juan, who is doing a progressive show with some really interesting music. This song he's got on right now is like an audio collage about the music industry, with little sound clips of interviews mixed in and generic beuracratic type men talking about how they "own the music" and it "can under now cicumstances be copied". Good, interesting stuff. Oh and now Don Juan is telling me that this is actually two random tracks he just is playing at the same time! You see what we do here!? Stuff you won't find at Hot 97 or whatever. We MAKE music haha and we keep it crunk. Peace nerds!

DJ Don Juan keeping it so throwed!!

Oh yeah P.S.S. I just painted some new Reeboks so holler at the pics. And of course you can tell me how you like em. Its about time someone leaves me a comment i think. Freakin jerks!

Yeah they match my shirt...thats how I do it...mix up some paint on the couch and paint some shoes before you go to the radio station. No need to plan these things.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New Music

Wagwon to all my fellow Bumbaclots! I made a new song....if you can even call it that. It's a Just Blaze/ Johnny Bapo colabo! And to the few of you who care, read this -> I am not a rapper, producer, baller or anything similair. I am really just a normal guy, but I am going to make a mixtape, and it is going to be me rapping and it is going to be good, damn it. I guess to prove it can be done, show my friends they are lazy, ad show "rappers" that they need to step their game up and expand their minds a little bit. Ha don't take me too seriously tho, I downloaded about one million and a half beats from Limewire recently, and I guess they are what attracts me to rap in the first place. The beats. And I love to learn about new things, and as you all know the best way, the funnest way, to learn is to do it. Write a book. Sing a song. Build a building. Date a girl. Or in the case make a mixtape. Their are plenty of rappers down here, and since its so easy, I am just going to ask any and everyone to feature on this mixtape.

Johnny Bapo: Here We Come

Monday, August 6, 2007

Shannons mural at jackson high. All you hoodlums better keep off, or i'll kick ya!

This is the first Armory Arts building on Mechanic st. Behind the fair grounds. See it's got ART write on the front of the building incase you wondered. I beleive they have get togethers or open houses every 2nd saturday or sunday of the month. You can walk through the galleries and eat some barbeque and what not.

The old prison armory. Its being turned into an artists community with apartments and gallery space.

Now I have been watching this for some time, and I really like what is going on at the Armory Arts Project. It is an artists village, located on the grounds of the the old prison/armory. The old prison is something everyone in Jackson knows. Its imposing stone wall stands out to anyone who goes by. A really cool place to me. I beleive it dates back to the Civil War, but there are only a few buildings left. Namely the red building there, that is being remodeled. The brown brick building is part of the old warehouse district of Jackson. The train tracks, which played a major role in Jackson's economy, run directly behind it. I miss old building like this, so I am really glad they are preserving this area. Although they are apparently planning on building "town houses" inside the prison wall, which gives me sort of an ugly image, but we will see. The apartments/galleries are supposed to be cheaper so the "starving" artists can survive, but i was told the 64 new apartments in the red building will be from $400 up. That is New Orleans, I don't know about Jackson, but I also hear that many of the new renters are coming from far away farther away, like Grand Rapids. So I guess, if you build it they will come. People in Jackson think that there is no opportunity to make money there, but this guy just created one over the last couple years. Thats what I want to do man, put some love and time into a project and get the return. I want to benifit myself, but also the people around me, meaning my home, my birthplace, Jackson, Michigan.

My good friend shannon and the Armory Arts cat.

Here Is The Link Ya'll

Armory Arts Project

Sunday, August 5, 2007