Friday, August 17, 2007

Flow Tribe @ Tipitina's As Well As Soul Rebels Brass Band!!

My boy K.C. , is in the local funk/new orleans band Flow Tribe aka "The Nice Band That Eats Souls" and he and his have a big ol' Shindigg goin down at Tipitina's on the 23rd. It's called Homegrown Night.

Should be three other local acts as well as Flow Tribe. He just handed me their CD so after I give it a good listen I'll post one or two for ya. I will definetly be there at the legendary Tip's to chill and document and bring the hot fire to ya'll

And on to the Soul Rebels Show. Their show is coming up 2 days later on the 31st at Tip's as well. I see on Tipitina's page it's called "An Evening With The Soul Rebels", has a nice ring to it eh? Tipitina's Webpage! Click Here I will have more info on this show and the Flow Tribe show, but if any of ya'll need no more convincing and just want to get there check out the google map right here!! Directions To Tipitina's Here!!

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