Monday, August 20, 2007

Get Off The Air!!! ...And New Music From Me!

hahahaha I am in the studio once again with my favorite DJ , Ms. Conduct, and King Louis of Black Rose Band! Karen does a great Progressive show Mondays from 4-6pm, and even though I just met/heard of him King Louis was here and he gave a pretty interesting interview.

He also brang all the music to the show. Apparently he has a cult following down at American Apparel.

This guy sounds like a hardcore punk rocker. Or as he says "I sound like RUN DMC and Lynard Skinard" which could be potentially deadly.
Check his Myspace of course King Louis & Black Rose Band Myspace

He is talking about doing "Louis Fest" close to Mardi Gras time, i.e. bring a bunch of crazy bands down here for a punk/metal/country show. I'll keep ya posted.
Skeet Skeet Skeet Skeet!
In other Punk news, this sunday the 26th Punk In The Park is happening at Audubon Park. Free Entry, 9 Bands, 6 DJs, Free Food!! Sounds good to me. I'll try to cover that but who knows with all this school malarky right now.

I know ya'll might not be that into punk but GET OUT OF THE DAMN HOUSE!!! It's the best medicine.

Also if ya'll didn't notice I am linked to Defend New Orleans Website which is pretty tight. They have some pretty cool Defend N.O. merchandise and they give some crazy amount directly to local charities. Also they put on parties, and maybe concerts? Check the site and the Defend New Orleans Myspace

Alsooo!! The best news for ya'll yet! I know you will be glad you read this far, cuz I have some new music that my boy Dang and I made! Holler Holler Skeet Skeet!

***** Noah/Johnny Bapo & Dang "No Hesitation"-Dirty
*****Noah/Johnny Bapo & Dang "No Hesitation"-Clean
Thanks for listening.

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