Friday, August 10, 2007

In the studio!!

Yeah I am at Tulane University, in the basement of the LBC, doing the "Hip Hop" show at WTUL, with my man Bryan!

As you can see we keep it white and throwed. My man Bryan is a sweet dude though, seeing as I just met him tonight when I came in at 12am to apprentice, but we kicked it, and "rapped" in the old sense of the word. He's from Atlanta but went to school here and stayed in New York for a couple years after that and apparently DJ'd in a booth on the street there. He told me to check out which show what he was doing. A pretty interesting site with pics and show schedules, and I think podcasts. He was playing a lot of east coast hip hop, but also saying we needed to put on some authentic New Orleans jonts, so I pulled out my laptop. Then he pulled out some vinyl of Raj Smooth, Mannie Fresh, P Town Moe, I played some Soulja Slim, Raw Dizzy, Partners 'N' Crime, and all that. We had a really good time talking mostly about rap and New Orleans history. I think it is interesting that outsiders love to get so passionate about New Orleans. Not to say that New Orleanians don't care about their city, but when we see how New Orleans used to have its own Hip Hop/Rap culture here , we get all excited and talk about what we would like to learn more about or document.

He dipped out at 2am and he said no one else was coming in and he was just going to shut the station down. So I just sorta took it over which was pretty cool. I played everything from Diplomats, to E-40, to Trae, Cougphee Boys, Kaz Kyzah, and Frayser Boy. I don't know if anyone liked it because I got no calls but luckily the FCC didn't barge in are cut my hands off, for obscenity. I was worried about that.

Right now I am listening to DJ Don Juan, who is doing a progressive show with some really interesting music. This song he's got on right now is like an audio collage about the music industry, with little sound clips of interviews mixed in and generic beuracratic type men talking about how they "own the music" and it "can under now cicumstances be copied". Good, interesting stuff. Oh and now Don Juan is telling me that this is actually two random tracks he just is playing at the same time! You see what we do here!? Stuff you won't find at Hot 97 or whatever. We MAKE music haha and we keep it crunk. Peace nerds!

DJ Don Juan keeping it so throwed!!

Oh yeah P.S.S. I just painted some new Reeboks so holler at the pics. And of course you can tell me how you like em. Its about time someone leaves me a comment i think. Freakin jerks!

Yeah they match my shirt...thats how I do it...mix up some paint on the couch and paint some shoes before you go to the radio station. No need to plan these things.

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