Monday, August 6, 2007

Shannons mural at jackson high. All you hoodlums better keep off, or i'll kick ya!

This is the first Armory Arts building on Mechanic st. Behind the fair grounds. See it's got ART write on the front of the building incase you wondered. I beleive they have get togethers or open houses every 2nd saturday or sunday of the month. You can walk through the galleries and eat some barbeque and what not.

The old prison armory. Its being turned into an artists community with apartments and gallery space.

Now I have been watching this for some time, and I really like what is going on at the Armory Arts Project. It is an artists village, located on the grounds of the the old prison/armory. The old prison is something everyone in Jackson knows. Its imposing stone wall stands out to anyone who goes by. A really cool place to me. I beleive it dates back to the Civil War, but there are only a few buildings left. Namely the red building there, that is being remodeled. The brown brick building is part of the old warehouse district of Jackson. The train tracks, which played a major role in Jackson's economy, run directly behind it. I miss old building like this, so I am really glad they are preserving this area. Although they are apparently planning on building "town houses" inside the prison wall, which gives me sort of an ugly image, but we will see. The apartments/galleries are supposed to be cheaper so the "starving" artists can survive, but i was told the 64 new apartments in the red building will be from $400 up. That is New Orleans, I don't know about Jackson, but I also hear that many of the new renters are coming from far away farther away, like Grand Rapids. So I guess, if you build it they will come. People in Jackson think that there is no opportunity to make money there, but this guy just created one over the last couple years. Thats what I want to do man, put some love and time into a project and get the return. I want to benifit myself, but also the people around me, meaning my home, my birthplace, Jackson, Michigan.

My good friend shannon and the Armory Arts cat.

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Armory Arts Project

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