Sunday, August 12, 2007

No New Music?!? Sorry...

I haven't been doing much this week, so thats why all the pics of me, and no pics of New Orleans. Or new music. Kangol Slim is supposed to be hooking me up with PNC's new single and P Town is supposed to be getting me a CD but I left my charger in MI so its been hard to communicate. I am about to by some damn Skype credits, and call em over my computer.

It sure is nice having a computer, internet, TV, and an apartment, but damn it makes you lazy if you don't stay on you toes. Graff artist Banksy once said "Get out of the house, before you find a reason to stay in", damn good advice. Tommorow I get to try to get a dorm room, try to get my block lifted so I can register for classes (how many days till school?), try to get a job, try to finish DJ homework. Man I got some shit to do. Oooh yeah, I also have to find somewhere to stay and put all of my boxes before school. Man I hope this year goes well.

I really haven't been using this blog to speak my mind, but I am going to do some more of that. I know Johnny Bapo isn't the best name and so one day I was wondering what name would better define what this blog is. I was thinking of things with phrases like "...of America" or "...Worldwide" and then I realized that I am about more than New Orleans rap, I am about more than whats in America, I am even about more than this world, like Space for instance! I want to put interesting material for people to look at but I don't want to pigeon hole myself. So just expect to see any and everything that is good on my blog. From programs I am using on my computer, to cool clothing, to good music, to something even cooler. And with that, here are some pictures of what the ride from Jackson, MI to New Orleans, LA is like. enjoy nerds!
This is what I drove down!
This is what your face looks like when you have been driving for hours, and hours, and hours.

I like to sing
I hate these stupid sideways pics

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