Monday, August 13, 2007

NOLA Councilman Oliver Thomas Guilty!

Now I don't report on the political goings on about NOLA, but I was checking out a few New Orleans blogs and I see that every single one had some mention of this. I have always been concerned with the way things are handled down here, and it seems like bad and corrupt things just keep happening.

Earthlink gives free WiFi to the residents of uptown, but you have to log in to their website every 12 hours. Every time I log in it takes me to this local news page, and every time I read the headlines, someone is killed murdered or attacked. This seems crazy to me and I feel like some of you who aren't from New Orleans might not know these things. Like how many murders we have and how corrupt people still are.

Now back to this Oliver Thomas guy. I have seen him on local TV a few times, and he seems like a good guy. Like a friendly guy.

But I find out that, just today he resigned and pleaded guilty to taking bribes and kickbacks while councilman. Apparently he took $15,000 from Stan Barre, who owns Common Street Ventures, for a contract in the French Quarter. Thomas also asked Barre to hire his personal friend and then pay him one third of the proceeds from that contract. Oliver's friend then gave him $1000 kickbacks four times.

I hope I don't sound like some reporter guy, that is just what I read from the Times Picayune web blog. You can check out the whole story here.
Oliver Thomas Pleads Guilty

I feel like this is only the very tip of the iceberg. Not to down my adopted home, but it just seems to be the truth down here. For instance, some time ago New Orleans' U.S. Representative William Jefferson was caught taking $100,000 in bribes by the FBI. They then raided his home in Washington and his congressional office and found $90,000 of the money in his freezer. But the crazy thing is he has apparently sought gifts or bribes 7 other times and after all of this he was just re-elected!!! All sorts of things happen down here that, in my opinion, go unnoticed by life long residents because that is how things have worked for so long down here. For instance with Jefferson, everyone form the Federal government to Rolling Stone Magazine made outcries about his corruption, but when local Sheriff Harry Lee told his Parish to vote against Karen Carter, Jefferson won anyway. Interesting stuff. To me anyway.

The Jefferson story goes deeper than that and if you care to enlighten yourself, heres is his wikipedia link.

Representative William Jefferson's Wikipedia

According to a Men's News Daily blog I read, Louisiana ranks third in the nation in the number of elected officials per capita convicted of crimes.

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