Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Other Worldly Shite!

So I have been Staying up all night and sleeping all day which mostly sucks. The good thing about it is after a while you start to find cool things on the internet. Now the trick is to do this during the day because I just can't stand staying in my apartment much longer.

Firstly I have decded to share more of the things I come across with yall. One of them is Risurch clothing.Risurch Clothing Which so far, I have bought three of their T-shirts. They aren't totally mind bottling or anything but the simple designs of Hip Hop/Rap artists and other urban american icons are appealing to me. I'll talk more about that for those of you who want to read but here are some pics.

Unfortunetly I am not computer literate enough to get single pics. So instead here is the entire ebay post! Ha, anyway I discovered this guy on ebay, selling all sorts of graffic tees with the like of Michael Jordan, Wu Tang Clan, and even the Hot Boys. I really like Dipset, so that is how he first caught my eye. I am calling Risurch "he" because I assume its a one man operation. Even so he has managed to crank out a gang of designs that I think are just right.

He appeals to me because I want something to wear to show people that I like this group or that movie, but not look like everyone else. Thats the beauty of catching something before it gets big I guess. A lot of people now a days want things that are "exclusive" and so a whole industry has sprung up in NY and LA which I don't really have the vocab or patience to describe well, but basically it just makes me feel shitty. They are selling things that are new that look like they could have come from the bag of clothes I was sending to goodwill, but because of the hype they get bought. Common complaint I am sure, but makes me sick just the same.

This might look crusty in five years, but atleast it will still make sense to rap fans.

This is the Hot Boys Shirt I just got.

And This is Jim Jones, He's breezin' on crome, your best bet is leave him alone!

On another note. I came accross this site called VBS.TV quite some time ago on houstonsoreal's blog when they did this series on Houston. VBS.TV is really a cool site I recommend going there ASAP and watching any and all videos. Definetly not a waste of time. They do videos on things ranging from hitch hiking to Mo Rocca to Screwed Music and Purple Drank to Indy Racing to skateboarding. I would love to make money doing things like that, and maybe I will. If i can't get out of this damn house.I just enjoyed this one particularly. They had one about Bounce Music but I really wasn't feeling it. Nothing against Katey Red, but I dont want to see he/her put on his panty hoes. The video was done by the same guy who does the "Whudafuxup" anti-smoking commercials. the thing is Everyone notices that New Orleans has a sound all its own, which is Bounce, but i don't feel like anyone does it justice. Maybe thats because, in all truthfulness, its not the most creative form of music and is mostly about shakin that ass and ridin a dick. Maybe, but someone still needs to document it better, and maybe it will be me. Word.

Some more artwork from the facebook.

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