Friday, August 31, 2007

Soul Rebels Interview and concert the next day.

Soul Rebels came down to the studio as I said, on the 27th. I was glad to just get someone in the studio to talk to period, but these guys have some history. We talked about their upcoming show and all the new stuff, but I started asking how they were able to keep everything together and sounding good while doing shows every other day almost. New Olreans has quite a few good marching bands, and apparently they have a bit of there musical roots in college marching bands. The discipline and dedication they learned from being in a structured school band carried over into their professional lives, to a point where they almst didn't see the amount of work they were putting in as dedication. They just saw it as, "What you do". I can't front and say that I know their history, but it is obvious to see that they deserve what they are getting and it is nice to see a group of guys defying what the majority of america would see as the norm. Ima stop there

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