Monday, August 20, 2007

Soul Rebels Interview On The 27th!!! Also Jena, LA Injustice!

Thats right the Soul Rebels Brass Band will be doing an interview with my man The Schwartz on WTUL 91.5 New Orleans, at 6:00 pm on Monday the 27th of August! As I said earlier the Soul Rebels will be putting on "An Evening With The Soul Rebels" at Tipitina's on Tchoupatoulus on the 31st. That's the weekend after next people!

In other news, right now I am working with my boy Ben to put together the Second Annual Hip Hop For Hope Concert. Hopefully I can bring some big names from New Orleans to get on and get some sponsors as well.

I just read about this now. In northern Louisiana, in the town of Jena rascism is still quite alive. This is a touchy subject for everyone but even if it had nothing to do with race it still is very important to me and it should be to you! Read this Jena 6 Article By Bill Quigley Here!

I know it was hard enough for ya'll to read what I have to say but definetly take a few minutes out to read that because Kids are being put in jail for decades in our own state, while we think rascism and injustice are a thing of the past. Every generation has to pick up the responsibility of upholding Truth and Justice and Equality and all the other rights that we enjoy that previous generations gave to us so Read it and Sign the Petition For A Full Department Of Justice Investigation!

And if any of you readers would like to talk about doing something to help, i.e. concert to pay for legal fees, petition to Gov. Blanco, etc. hit me up

word to the word word!

I don't want to get you guys to rilled up so here is a sexy pic of me to comfort you.

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