Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New Music

Wagwon to all my fellow Bumbaclots! I made a new song....if you can even call it that. It's a Just Blaze/ Johnny Bapo colabo! And to the few of you who care, read this -> I am not a rapper, producer, baller or anything similair. I am really just a normal guy, but I am going to make a mixtape, and it is going to be me rapping and it is going to be good, damn it. I guess to prove it can be done, show my friends they are lazy, ad show "rappers" that they need to step their game up and expand their minds a little bit. Ha don't take me too seriously tho, I downloaded about one million and a half beats from Limewire recently, and I guess they are what attracts me to rap in the first place. The beats. And I love to learn about new things, and as you all know the best way, the funnest way, to learn is to do it. Write a book. Sing a song. Build a building. Date a girl. Or in the case make a mixtape. Their are plenty of rappers down here, and since its so easy, I am just going to ask any and everyone to feature on this mixtape.

Johnny Bapo: Here We Come

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