Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Song From Gudda Gudda of Sqad Up, " Imma Break The Game Down " !!

****UPDATE****Check back for the Jay Gudda Interview on Friday!!! A Johnny Bapo exclusive!!

I just got wind of this new solo track by Jay Gudda, and I'm really glad to see it. Sqad up was once one of my favorite groups long before I had ever came to New Orleans, but they haven't put out much work since Katrina...atleast not that I have heard. I hear through the grape vine, from the groups seperate Myspace accounts, that they aren't doing as much work together. I hope they don't have any problems but none the less its good to hear some new music from one memeber. So here it is...

****New Music**** Gudda Gudda- "Imma Break Tha Game Down"
gudda gudda

Yo Yo Yo, hold on! Wait a second!! Chech this shit out. I just found something I have been wanting to here for a looong time. Lil Wayne's song "Tha Heat" from the original Carter CD, but with one differance....Gudda Gudda on tha track! I don't know if this is old new, but it's sure new to me. If ya'll don't know, Gudda Gudda is part of Sqad Up, the group that Lil Wayne once claimed to be in for life. Lil Wayne had put Gudda Gudda, Nutt Da Kidd, T Streets, and Raw Dizzy, on the Carter(Im guessing all of them) and then re-did most of the album when the group left due to contract disagreement. I knew that was Gudda's line, "Tha heater burnin bruises on my hip this year!"

****New/Old Carter I Song Ft. Gudda, "The Heat"

It looks like Lil Wayne and his DJ, Raj Smooth, put this out on the net, since every one of the "Carter Files", as they are titled on Limewire, have their names on them. There is a song with his former girl Nivea, pretty good, and a song with Raw Dizzy also pretty good, and a Hott Hott beat on the song "Hoes Sing" with his self proclaimed brother Yung Yeezy aka Yung Yo. It sounds like it would have been a somewhat differant album, with some tighter beats for sure, if they had kept it together. Damn, what would the world be like if it was Sqad Up and Wayne on the cover of XXL instead of Baby and his son....

You true Wayne/Sqad fans need to download this stuff ASAP. I bout to put Tha Real Carter together, the way it would have been!