Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Out With Five. Adult Sock Hop With Cupid

If you didn't not know....I keep it Real!

I am just gonna jump straight into the present and not even update you on what I have been doing. Ha ha, I will soon enough. But just a few nights ago, I met up with Fivestarr. We ran down to the Howlin Wolf to check out the Partners 'N' Crime/Cupid/Rebirth show. So Waaa from me to you. Enjoy the pics. More to come.

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PNC on Stage with Tysen
Mr. Meana
They were repping LSU heavy, because it was the weekend before the LSU-Ohio State Bowl game. Plus I think most of the people that know about the Adult Sock Hop are from LSU. A woman from Q93 Radio was there and she made the comment that it was not a "Typical" Hip Hop crowd. Which is true. Not necessarily a bad thing, just odd. Basically if you can imagine, all white people dressed in LSU hats, with khaki shorts and a Polo shirt, and topped of by some boat shoes. That is a huge generalization, but I think it is the start of an interesting discussion. Fivestarr definetly noticed the differance. No guns were drawn.
5th Ward Weebie was in the crowd with my boy Fivestarr
Cupid and PNC traded off, but Cupid finshed out the night. A pretty tight show.
Cupid backstage with Fivestarr

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