Friday, March 7, 2008

Bassment Radio Went Down Thursday! Lil' Dee In The Studio!

Every Thursday morning at 2am DJ EF Cuttin and myself host a radio show on WTUL 91.5 Tulane radio. We try to showcase as much local hip hop and underground shit as possible....although EF likes to throw in a few soon to be Mega Hits. Anyway, I finally met a local cat by the name of Lil' Dee last monday at Industry Influence. EF and I decided to start having artists on the show, so he was the first. His boy Chance came along to film as we interviewed him and invited him to freestyle on the mic. All in all a fun show and a cool video came out of it as well. Peep this...

Haha I like this video. Hopefully we will see more like it, from me and from Dee. To give ya'll a taste of why he has sold 15,000 mixtapes download this shit...
Lil' Dee: I Ain't Goin' No Where
And here...
Lil' Dee: My Chevy


I found a very interesting video that touches on all this recent "Bafoonery" , as Cam'ron would say. DJ Khaled shows why he has a squeaky ass voice, the game and rick ross talk, and Cam'ron makes an appearance to yell out "Curtisss!"

Hahaha good stuff, no?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Industry Influence Goes Down. Plus Is Chris Paul Signed To Young Money?

Hahaha I am joking about that but look at this pic from CP3's party last weekend. He is rocking a YM chain.
It sort of cool he is rockin with local artists but kinda odd. But check this next one. I had to look at this one several times, but then I realized. Its Dizzy!I don't know man, the beard threw me off. I heard he is finishing up a music video this week so props to him on that. I hope he shaved...

Haha anyway, it went down at the hangar last night. Unfortunetly for both of us there were no pictures taken by me. I was on the panel of radio DJs, and my friend left with my I apologize. Currency was in the building. Joey Queenz performed. Tragic was in the building. EF Cuttin was on the 1's and 2's. Wild Wayne was on the mic. Jimi Clever delivered again with an awesome set. Lil' Dee was in the house. Just a good time. I hope all of ya'll come check out the next one on the 7th of april.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Every First Monday of The Month! Industry Influence @ The Hangar

Every first Monday of the month, Wild Wayne of Q93 Radio and Sess 4-5 of Nuthin But Fire Records, have been putting on a Hip Hop Industry Influence showcase and panel at the Hangar in mid-city. I have attended the last two and I really enjoyed them.

As ChiQ Diva said, Industry Influence is, "the only platform in New Orleans for independent artists to not only showcase their talent, but to learn the business of music as well."

The conference is really a great opportunity to mingle, network, gain knowledge, and prepare for New Orleans to showcase its diverse talents.

As you can see I will be there with my co-host DJ EF Cuttin and a gang of other regional DJ's to share our experience and ideas with the crowd. Like I said, there will be a showcase after the panel with quite a few local artists performing. I will keep ya'll updated and upload pics, but until then check out the blog at . I has a lot of good upcoming event postings such as the Core DJ's Conference, which is coming up soon. Peace!

Hookah Bar Every Friday

DJ EF Cuttin

My main man DJ EF Cuttin spins every Friday night at the Hookah Bar on Frenchmen Street. Hookah Bar is a really nice club, and needless to say it really goes down on friday nights. I ran into a few locals this past friday so heres the pics...And for those of you who didnt know, EF and I co-host a radio show Thursday mornings at 2am on WTUL 91.5. More on that later

My man Yuset was in the house

Local rapper Tragic, of Iron Work Entertainment. He has an album out called "S.O.O.N." He just shot a music video I hear, for this song..
Tragic Feat Mr. ALG- "Rep Yo Hood"

Here is the Teaser for The video with some behind the scenes pictures.

Man...lemmi just tell ya, this dude Tragic, Yuset, and their people...they work hard! Like many people out here, they are really pushin hard, from the ground up. Youtube Tragic and there is a gang of videos up there. I really like the amount of effort they put into what they do, definitely a solid building block for the hip hop scene in New Orleans. I'll keep yall posted on the video when it is released in April. Till then, go buy his album!

Local artist Dappa was on hand as well, chillin out. He has a song that has been circling quite a bit, called "You Got Me", so he got up and performed for a second.
Dappa is signed to local label Extreme Entertainment, which coincidentally is home to Baby Boy, and most recently K Gates apparently! More on Gates later, I here he has a song with a dance!?!
Check him out at