Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Industry Influence Goes Down. Plus Is Chris Paul Signed To Young Money?

Hahaha I am joking about that but look at this pic from CP3's party last weekend. He is rocking a YM chain.
It sort of cool he is rockin with local artists but kinda odd. But check this next one. I had to look at this one several times, but then I realized. Its Dizzy!I don't know man, the beard threw me off. I heard he is finishing up a music video this week so props to him on that. I hope he shaved...

Haha anyway, it went down at the hangar last night. Unfortunetly for both of us there were no pictures taken by me. I was on the panel of radio DJs, and my friend left with my camera....so I apologize. Currency was in the building. Joey Queenz performed. Tragic was in the building. EF Cuttin was on the 1's and 2's. Wild Wayne was on the mic. Jimi Clever delivered again with an awesome set. Lil' Dee was in the house. Just a good time. I hope all of ya'll come check out the next one on the 7th of april.

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