Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Mean Why??

Every now and then, I dont post. Sorry man. But anyway this is some real that ya need to check out ya hoid me?!

This is a busy time in New Orleans. Lots of things happening. School is coming to a close, Mardi Gras Indians are massing, concerts are happening, Second lines, Jazz Fest is coming up. All kinds of things. And today I have Super Sunday Mardi Gras Indian pictures along with last Sunday's Second Line pictures. And just so you know this is how I'm feelin...

This month on the 19th this special event is happening at the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. The Creole Wild West Tribe will be telling their story with the help of some others and I will be in the house to document it for you.

And also for your enjoyment, every Thursday, it is goin down at The Chocolate Bar on Tulane & Broad st. Go down and get your club on with Tragic and Iron Work Ent. If you are a local artist, bring you hits by and get them played!

BACK TO BUSINESS! - Click On The Photos To Enlarge

Like I said, Super Sunday. It was a pretty amazing event for me to witness. I rolled down St. Charles with my friends Diana and Patrick
Streetcar New Orleans
After walking for some time, we made our way down Simon Bolivar to MLK as the Second Line was coming up the street. I had no idea where the indans were going to come from, then I saw Naija. This is my girl right here. Fun to see people you know out in the crowd.

As we walked up towards Claiborne, I noticed a few Indians comin from our left.

Turns out it was the Creole Wild West Gang

My boy Flag Boy Slim of Creole Wild West Gang and his pretty Queen

My boy Patrick and Diana
As we walked up MLK at Claiborne I took this picture of the street and you can see in the background, a mural of Big Slack. I have always liked this mural, and I asked EF about it but I don't remember the story.
Fiya Ya Tribe

Creole Wild West
Police at Galvez and MLK.

Big Chief
Spy Boy
Another Big Chief

Beautiful costumes and devastated houses. That ain't from Katrina either. Click on the photo to see a larger version.
Beatin tha drum

My boy Jon met me out there and we grabbed some eats and chatted with Nutt Da Kidd. Not sure why I don't have any pictures of him out there.
Eatin that pork chop sandwich an drinkin a Heinekin
You can see everything out there, from Hyabusas to Lucky Charms Grand Prixs to Pit Bull puppies with papers.


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good lookin out on the flier for the 19th.

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