Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Old Music From Juvenile!

These songs were supposed to be on Juve's, still unreleased, album entitled Diary of a Soulja. They have probably been floating around there for a while but if you haven't heard anything new from Juve since Reality Check came out, peep these.

All I ever think about is gettin paid, a get a gettin paid. Yes indeed. Juve has a way of being consistent in taking a track and making it his own. It doesn't matter if it is a Mannie Fresh produced track, an outside producer, or his own production, his personality and character shine through confidently. The track is called "All I Think About Is Gettin Paid". Like I said, I know its not brand new, but you have may not heard this banger. And it is a Banger.

Download HERE: Juvenile: "All I Think About Is Gettin Paid"

I apologize for the intros from djs and websites, i didn't take the time to edit the tracks. up is Juve's "Everything" featuring Tampa T Pain on the hook. This one is a banger as well, and if someone like Rick Ross came out with this track I could see myself not liking it, but I am biased. Check it out for yourself.

Download HERE: Juvenile: "Everything Feat. T Pain"